The MICROCON ExC7 is an FDA 510k compliant HEPA filter module used in combination with the Ecophan™ or existing HVAC system to create negative (exhaust) or positive (supply) pressure isolation rooms. Ideally suited to converting existing patient care rooms into isolation rooms, the ExC7 is quickly and easily installed in existing drop ceilings to create a CDC compliant positive or negative pressurization environment.

Meets California ozone emissions limit. CARB certified.


Multiple options exist to ensure precise control and continual regulation of the isolation room pressure environment. The standard system is adjusted through the manual controls on the built-in control panel. A second option offers remote control by a wall mounted switch. Or a third alternative uses the Accustat™ room pressure monitor as a controller, delivering complete automatic operation. If conditions change in the isolation room the Ecophan™ will maintain constant isolation room pressure.

Features and Benefits

• Ceiling mounted HEPA Filter
• Create HEPA filtered negative and/or positive pressure isolation room
• Combine with Ecophan for variable speed blower option
• Ceiling mounted
• Filter replacement from room side
• Built-in Minihelic pressure gauge
• Variable configurations for filtered exhaust
• Automated Operation with ACCUSTAT® ‘PR’ Isolation Room Monitor


• Fire and ambulance stations
• Municipal Garages
• Welding/Machine/Wood Shops
• Body Shops
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Metalworking
• Foundry/Mining/Ceramics
• Pharmaceutical
• Food Production
• Parking Garages
• Transportation Terminals
• Loading Docks
• Fleet Maintenance
• Postal Facilities
• Printing ShopsPlatingPlastics Production

Technical Specs

Up to 800 cfm (1359.2 m3/h)
Dimensions (ins):
23.75”W x 14.125”H x 23.75”D
603.25mm x 358.78mm x 603.25mm
115/230 VAC @ 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Agency Approvals
Conforms toUL STD 507Certified toCSA STD C22.2 NO.113
FDA 510(k) Compliant Approved for sale in California
Filter Configuration
U V - C H E P A F I LT E R M O D U L E
Weight lbs.
43 lbs.19.5 kg.