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Air Technology Solutions combines expertise in the air quality services industry with state-of-the-art equipment to provide innovative, engineered air quality solutions for each of its clients — regardless of the environment.

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Air Technology Solutions designs, installs and services air filtration systems. Visit the products page to learn more about the benefits they can offer your facility.

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Our products remove diesel exhaust fumes which meets and exceeds OSHA, NFPA, FEMA, NIOSH, EPA, ASHRAE, and CSA Guidelines.

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“When every second counts don’t let anything get in their way"!
No Hoses!

Number # 1 in Air Purification for the most Effective Vehicle Diesel       Exhaust Removal System. AirMATION® is an Air Cleaner and an Air Purifier removing airborne contaminants and pollutants from your facilities.

Number #1 in Removing Vehicle Diesel Exhaust Fumes, Soot, and Gases in Firehouses, Fire Stations, Fire Departments, EMS                       Facilities, Ambulance Garages and Fleet Maintenance Facilities.

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Low Energy,
High Efficiency Output

Low Energy,
High Efficiency

(single Board)
Activation system

The new TSCMM low voltage controller is an automated control system that operates various functions of the AirMATION & Airephase LE systems and most other products in the air cleaner family. The TSCMM provides an optional 24/7 coverage of run-time, blower and motor speed, power sequencing, filter change alarm and various other activation modes. Two models(TSCMM2 & TSCMM4) are available. Our NEMA 4 rated enclosure complies with UL 508 & CSA specifications.