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All of the customers we surveyed agree that we made their air cleaner, completed their projects on time and saved them money.

Some quotes from satisfied customers!

"The exhaust system of the City of Virginia Beach Fleet Management Bays had reached its Life Expectancy. Daniel, with AirMATION technology, was contacted to design and install an exhaust system that's both energy efficient as well as effective. Daniel was quick to fly into town to assess the scope of work and design a solution to include (11) AirMATION systems, removal of old exhaust systems, reworking and relabeling the electrical system, and integrating the fire suppression system to the AirMATION controllers.

During the process of scoping this work and moving towards getting boots on the ground, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Additional preventative measures were employed by Daniel to accommodate the safety and concerns of the building's occupants. This served to highlight Daniel's excellent customer service skills and truly set him apart from previous experiences with other outside contractors. Installation was quick, training thorough and follow-up adjustments to systems addressed the feedback from with occupants / mechanics. Additionally, at no additional cost to the City of Virginia Beach, Daniel installed (11) Bio-polar ionizers to the HVAC systems serving the service bays. I would highly recommend the Air Technology Solutions AirMATION systems for any automotive facility. You may contact me if you have any further questions about these systems."

Peter J. Cascio, City of Virginia Beach, Building Systems Engineer,
Department of Public Works - Virginia Beach, VA

"Today's fire station is so much more than just a storage facility for a few trucks. Ours, like most, is a community facility that hosts many events throughout the year—from our recent flu shot clinic to candidate forums. And diesel fumes and dust were always a big concern.

DOVFD was fortunate to receive a FEMA Fire Act Grant in 2006. We shopped for the ideal system to clean the air and the whole facility from kitchen to classroom. From our visits to other fire stations, we weren't impressed the with “hose” systems, they only work half the time at best. Many stations never even connect the hose.

We found the AirMATION system to be exactly what we needed. Once installed in our ceilings the system is almost invisible, yet works every time the doors are raised. We noticed right away that the air was cleaner, and better yet, we no longer have black soot on the white tables in our classroom.

We're happy with our AirMATION system and would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable means of cleaning station air for your firefighters and citizens."

Russell Mabra, Fire Chief
Double Oak Volunteer Fire Department - Texas

"I am pleased that our department is having your AirMation exhaust filtering system installed in our 3 fire stations. I know from my experience as a fire chief in a neighboring municipality that it works effectively and efficiently in a fire station environment. In the late ‘90’s I worked for a department that had a name brand hose system for diesel exhaust that turned out to be very unreliable and not user friendly. Exposing firefighters directly to the exhaust of a fire truck by placing the hose onto the exhaust pipe proved to be a disaster and a safety issue in the opinion of many. The AirMation system with its super quick activation and filtering capabilities is exactly what we need. As a matter of fact I was recently informed that the fire department in question is now budgeting for the complete removal of their hose systems and replacing them with your system. Our firefighters are looking forward to having the latest technology installed in our stations."

Bob Myles, Deputy Fire Chief
Emergency Services Department
DES, Fire & Emergency Services
Town of East Gwillimbury, Ontario

“The AirMATION exhaust system has been up and running for a couple months now at the USAG Daegu Camp Walker, Camp Henry and Camp Carroll. No more hoses, relatively quiet, and does the job it was designed to do. Installation was expertly completed and technicians were knowledgeable and fast. We expected them here three days, and all three systems were installed, the technicians trained our firefighters and left for the airport by the end of the second day. No mess with the filters, no modifications to the trucks. Very simple, clean, and works like a charm. All I need is my 4th station done. Would recommend the AirMATION to any department.”

Lloyd C. Fox, Fire Chief
USAG Daegu
DES, Fire & Emergency Services
Camp Walker, Korea

“It has been more than one year since the AirMATION units have been installed in our maintenance shop. The results are appreciable enough that I felt I must express my satisfaction to you. Not only has the air quality improved considerably, especially in the welder's area, but the walls which were painted just previous to the installation have not been discolored by diesel or welding smoke. I consider this purchase one of our better moves and a rewarding investment.”

Joseph Giordano, Superintendent
Department of Public Works
Township of Morris, New Jersey

“We at Unified Fire Authority have now had one of your AirMATION systems installed at one of our fire stations for over a year. We have had a very good experience with this product. The system has lived up to our expectations in the removal of vehicle exhaust, odors and smoke.

In fact, when the automatic feature included with the system is used it is real easy for us to enjoy and use since it is hands free. The system is on when we need it and off when the air is clean. The filters do their job, collecting contaminants, just as we were told it would. Our walls and ceilings are kept clean and odors do not migrate into our living areas. We have previously tried two other brands of hose systems and another filtration system. We were not satisfied with any of these and so looked for another   solution. We are now planning to have two more AirMATION systems installed in two new fire stations.”

Don R. Berry, Chief A
Unified Fire Authority

“After one year of the use of your air purification system that was installed in our garage, we have found them to help in many ways. In the morning all the mechanics have said the garage is not full of smoke. There is less dust and we have found that the mechanics have taken less sick time.

We feel the system was a fair price. The City of Bridgeton Department of Public Works would like to thank you for the outstanding help you have given us during the year.”

Wilbert E. Turpin, Director
Department of Public Works
City of Bridgeton, New Jersey

“Recently, Calvary Cemetery purchased an AirMATION and Microcon CD Air Purification unit for our vehicle maintenance garage. In the short time since installation, these observations have been noticed by our mechanics:

The overall amount of dust in the vehicle maintenance shop has decreased dramatically. The quality of the air inside the shop is noticeably cleaner. While running a vehicle indoors, there are no odors of exhaust and gas fumes. The system also filters out all grass and vegetation odors.

As Superintendent of Calvary Cemetery, I am very pleased with the results in such a short time. I am very happy that we purchased these units.”

Joseph Giulietti, Superintendent
Calvary Cemetery
New York

“We have been monitoring the environments at each station and the consensus of our firefighters and officers is that the AirMation units are making a real difference in the air quality at each station. And, the difference is not just when the rigs are running. The air in the station is cleaner because the off gassing from our turnouts and other gas fueled equipment exhaust is filtered through the units. It really is a "holistic" system.

FEMA performed a follow-up audit of our grant and found that everything was in good order. I believed we made the right choice when we chose Air Technology Solutions as the vendor for our exhaust capture project. And, today I am sure it was the best decision for our department. Thanks for all your help and the help of your staff. You all have been great to deal with.”

Jim Vest, Fire Chief
City of West Bend Fire Department

“It has been almost two years since the installation of our AirMation Industrial Air Cleaner and in my opinion; the system has already proven itself. Most notable are the lack of staining on the walls (both on the bay floors as well as inside the station) and the lack of diesel smell on the turn-out gear. It should also be noted that our fire station was originally built in 1963 and the lack of space had us concerned but your units fit our apparatus floor without any interference to our vehicles. But, what I appreciate the most about you and your company is the continued service we receive. I can always expect a periodic phone call just to       see how the units are performing or if there is anything we may need, something rarely seen these days. To date our air cleaners have worked flawlessly and performed as promised by you and your company.”

Chief Mark Ashworth
City of Clayton Fire Department

“The Arizona City Fire District purchased six Air Technology Solutions air filter units for our bay area at our fire station. We looked at many different types of air filters for our bays. We liked the idea that there were not hoses to connect to the apparatus and worries about dragging a hose behind us to a fire or other incident. We have some older trucks and exhaust fumes in the bays were bad when the apparatus was left running indoors for more than a few minutes. Now we can run six apparatus and never have to worry about exhaust fumes being a problem for our personnel. Even when the apparatus are parked outside on the drives with the doors open we can start the filters to clear any exhaust that enters the building from the parked area.

The scheduling and installation was great. The units were shipped to our location and once on site I made a call to schedule the installation. The crew hung all six units in one day and had them operating before they left our station. We have had these units for a year and a half and have had no problem at all with the air filters. We have not required any maintenance on the units since we have installed them. I feel very confident that my personnel are breathing clean air and not exhaust fumes from the apparatus.

I would highly recommend the Air Technology Solutions air filters for any fire department. You may contact me if you have any further questions about the units.

Sincerely, ”

Paul M. Sabel, Fire Chief
Arizona City Fire District