The MICROCON CD and PD air filtration systems are specifically designed for the removal of airborne pollutants and gaseous contaminants from indoor environments. Either ceiling mounted (CD) or portable (PD), air is drawn through a high efficiency HEPA filter, past germicidal UV lamps before being exhausted through two activated carbon filter cells. Clean air, free of particulate and gaseous odors, is reintroduced to the room.


The MICROCON CD and PD share the same three stage progressive filter system. The first stage is a 1″ synthetic pre-filter designed to contain larger size airborne particles thereby extending the life of the HEPA filter. The secondary filter is a hospital-grade, high efficiency HEPA filter capable of removing >99% of airborne particles in the sub-micron range. Since the removal of gas phase pollutants require a different capture mechanism a unique activated carbon composite cell is utilized as the last stage which allows for higher adsorbent loading at a lower pressure drop than comparable activated carbon cells. The germicidal UV lamps add another dimension to air purification.

Features and Benefits

• Progressive filtration system
• Controls both airborne participate and gas-phase pollutants
• Mounts flush with ceiling
• Multidirectional exhaust louvers
• Baked on white enamel finish• 99.7% efficiency on sub-micron particles


• Fire and ambulance stations
• Municipal Garages
• Welding/Machine/Wood Shops
• Body Shops
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Metalworking
• Foundry/Mining/Ceramics
• Pharmaceutical
• Food Production
• Parking Garages
• Transportation Terminals
• Loading Docks
• Fleet Maintenance
• Postal Facilities
• Printing ShopsPlatingPlastics Production

Technical Specs

Variable speed 450 cfm to 800 cfm
(27,000 to 48,000 cubic feet per hour)
Dimensions (ins):
(W) 23.625” (L) 47.625” (D) 18.5”-(20”eye-bolts) Eye-bolt pattern – 21 ¼” X 38 ¾” (540mm x 984mm)
Input Voltage- 120VAC@ 50/60Hz, 1Phase 2.4A max. ,typical 240 Watts
Input Voltage- 230VAC@50/60Hz, 1Phase 1.05A max. ,typical 240 Watts UV (optional) 100-250VAC@50/60Hz, Typ.80Watts Low Voltage Power-Relay Control (optional) Typical (24VDC @ 50ma. max) External Power Mod or Internal Power Module (Optional)100-250VAC Input to Module – Output 24VDC Typ. 2 Watts max
Agency Approvals
Designed to Pending ETL – USA and Canada (UL507 and CSA C22.2) requirements
Filter Configuration
Stage 1 (Pre-Filter) - Synthetic Poly Pre-Filter
Stage 2 (Particulate Filter) - HEPA Filter
Stage 3 (Gas Phase) - Activated Carbon Pleated Filter Purification: 2x 25W Germicidal UV Lamps
2 x 25W Germicidal UV Light
Weight lbs.
125 lbs. total weight ( All Filters and Chassis )
Clearance required
Check available space above the ceiling (min 20”) Swing down door requires 24” clearance