The High Efficiency “Green” Motor can operate 25-75% more efficiently than the PSC models and allows for both manual and automatic selections of blower speed and efficiency options.


When the speed-selector switch is equipped, one of 3 speed selections (I, (CF) II, III, can be manually chosen. In addition, when the optional ECO/HI switch is provided there are three (3) speeds available in the HI position and other proportionally lower speeds available in the ECO (Economy) position. Blower speeds and cycle-times can also be selected or changed automatically for all Green Motors within a system via an optional programmable Timer SpeedControl and Maintenance Monitor (TSCMM).

The “Green” motors will start, stop, and change speeds “softly”. Normal ramp-up and ramp-down times in some cases may be +45 seconds for speed changes. There are no abrupt current changes so no power-sequencing is necessary when multiple blower motors are part of a filtration system.

The “green” motor contains an integrated plug-in electronic controller-module that is equipped with connectors for easy renewal, if necessary, without having to disassemble the motor from the blower chassis or lower the filtration unit from the installed position

Blowers equipped with the PSC motor are wired for a single-speed and thermally protected with an internal thermal cut-out switch. They are designed to operate within static-pressure ranges ofbetween 1.2” WC and 2” WC. Do not operate the PSC blower without filters, the filteraccess door open, or with the exhaust cover removed. These conditions may cause theblower to “free-wheel” and over-heat. High static-pressures above 1.9” WC resulting from clogged filters or blocked filter openings will not cause the PSC motor to over-heat. Power Sequencing is recommended when more than 4 PSC blower modules are turned on at the

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