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Welcome to Air Technology Solutions -

AirMATION® World Leader "Over 5,000 installations in the US and Canada."

Vehicle Diesel Exhaust Removal System, Automatic, "Hands-Free" No Hoses!

“When every second counts don’t let anything get in their way"! No Hoses!

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Air Technology Solutions combines expertise in the air quality services industry with state-of-the-art equipment
to provide innovative, engineered air quality solutions for each of its clients — regardless of the environment.

How to Remove Diesel Exhaust Soot, Fumes, and Gases?
Fire Stations Remove Diesel Exhaust

Fire Houses and Fire Stations are
Removing Diesel Exhaust.


Number # 1 in Air Purification for the most Effective Vehicle Diesel Exhaust Removal System. AirMATION® is an Air Cleaner and an Air Purifier removing airborne contaminants and pollutants from your facilities.


Number #1 in Remove Vehicle Diesel Exhaust Fumes, Soot, and Gases in Firehouses, Fire Stations, Fire Departments, EMS Facilities, Ambulance Garages and Fleet Maintenance Facilities.

AirMATION® is the #1 Vehicle Diesel Exhaust Removal Systems. It is a standalone, ceiling suspended air filtration process which removes diesel exhaust soot and gases. AirMATION® is powered by a 3000 CFM Direct Driver Blower that pulls, directs, and removes diesel exhaust fumes, soot, and gases through a highly effective filtration system in meeting Source Capture requirements. The clean, purified air is then recirculated from the unit back into the fire station. Municipal supervised independent testing verifies the elimination of life threatening carcinogenics found in diesel exhaust fumes, soot, and gases making AirMATION® a 100% regulatory compliant.

AirMATION® Remove Diesel Exhaust Fume Systems meets and exceeds OSHA, NFPA, FEMA, NIOSH, EPA, ASHRAE, and CSA Guidelines. 

Air Delivery Varies

Remove Exhaust in Tight Spaces


Noted Architects and Engineers alike, who are designing and building new modern state of the art Fire Houses and Stations have come to AirMATION® for their HAVC air purification systems and air filtration systems. An air purifier system that meets your industry governing guidelines.

Diesel Exhaust Capture CO/CON2

• Automatic 'Hands-Free" Activation - No Operator   Intervention
• Multi-Stage Filtration Media System
• Quiet Operation - Baffle Box Protection
• Ceiling Mounted - Out of the Way
• No Bay Area Heat Loss - No Impact to Outside Air
• Approved for Historic Stations
• Long Life Filtration - Preset Time Changes

• CO/N02 Automatic Monitoring Capabilities
• Automatic Filter Change Indicator
• Designed for 24/7 Usage
• Low Electrical Usage, Low Voltage Controls
• Turnkey Installation
• 294 Clean Air Return Louvers for Excellent Air   Dispersion
• Programmable and Automatic Operations

AirMATION® units operate automatically, 'hands-free treating cleaning all fumes and contamination in the station bay. After vehicles return from a run and the engine is shut off AirMATION® continues to remove gas phase pollutants from hot engine components. Utilizing the manual override feature for 24/7 operation enable  the AirMATION® to remove off-gassing from turnout gear, power saws and generator fumes. The result is safer healthier indoor air quality for the Firefighter EMS personnel and support staff.

Each AirMATION® unit produce up to 166,000* cu.ft. of clean filtered air per hour. The AirMATION® units can operate 24/7, providing air purification not limited to vehicle operation. These numerous air changes eliminate dead air pockets and tagnant air common to fire stations, EMS apparatus and maintenance bays.


• Protects Firefighters, EMS Safety and Health
• Eliminates and Controls Lung Damaging   Contaminants in the Breathing Zone
• Continuous Recirculation of Clean Filtered Air
• No Tailpipe Connections/ Disconnections or Hose   Run Over/Rip Outs

• No Unsightly Hanging Hoses in Tight Restricted     areas or Walkway
• No Building or Vehicle Modification
• Freedom to Rearrange Apparatus Location
• Meets or Exceeds AII Regulatory Tandards
• Daily Dependability with Programmed Maintenance   Operation

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AirMATION is approved by the California Air Resources Board!

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